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Has Your Gender Played a Factor in Mistreatment at Work?

Cleveland Lehner Cassidy helps clients take legal action against employers who discriminate against employees in any way, including gender. Treating employees unfairly, or harassing them, because of their gender is prohibited by law. If you’ve faced discrimination at work based on your gender, reach out to an attorney immediately for help.

Unfortunately, employees may encounter gender discrimination at any point in the relationship they have with a company. Such biases and mistreatment can manifest during job interviews, disciplinary actions, promotion process, lay-offs, day-to-day work, and speaking out against unfair or unlawful business practices.

At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, we believe no employee should be treated unfairly or face retaliation for challenging such treatment. Our attorneys work tirelessly to represent our clients’ interests and hold employers accountable when their actions, practices, or policies contribute to creating a hostile work environment. Your legal matter may be likely to settle outside of court. If the opposition is unwilling to settle on favorable terms, however, our fearless litigators can help you get what you deserve in court.

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Legal Protections Against Gender Discrimination

Federal and state laws offer clear protections against gender and sex discrimination for workers. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits all forms of workplace gender discrimination at the federal level. In the state of Indiana, the Indiana Civil Rights Commission enforces state-level protections against gender discrimination.

In addition, the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act amends the Civil Rights Act to specifically protect pregnant workers.

The Types of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender discrimination generally falls into two categories. The first of these involves an employer making employment decisions based on their employee's sex or gender. The second is gender harassment, better known as sexual harassment.

Decisions Based on Sex or Gender

As with any form of discrimination, gender and sex-based discrimination can appear both obvious and subtle. Employers may provide certain employment benefits to different groups of employees based on their actual or apparent gender or sex.

Examples of this type of gender discrimination at work include:

  • Being paid less than equally qualified coworkers of another gender
  • Getting fewer or less important tasks
  • Getting denied for a promotion, raise, or training because of your gender
  • Encountering questions about pregnancy during job interviews

Additionally, there may be policies, practices, or traditions at a company that can broadly discriminate against gender. In cases like these – where discrimination is so widespread or soaked into a company’s culture – a plaintiff can bring legal action against the employer even if they were not an individual target.

Examples of broader gender discrimination include:

  • Gender-exclusive company events
  • Dress codes that unfairly and negatively impact one gender
  • Unlawful restrictions on pregnancy leave or accommodations
  • Any company rules that single out a gender for discrimination

No matter the magnitude of abuse, some of the strongest cases plaintiffs bring against employers prove that discrimination was frequent or prevalent.

Gender and Sex-Based Harassment

Sexual harassment is considered a form of gender discrimination. Despite what some many believe, sexual harassment is not always motivated by sexual desire. Many cases of sexual harassment involve a hostile work environment where an employee is singled out due to their sex or gender.

Some examples of sex and gender harassment in the workplace include:

  • Hearing hostile remarks or jokes about your gender, which can be non-sexual
  • Being called derogatory names or slurs
  • Inappropriate touching or advances
  • Blocking or otherwise restricting your movement
  • Seeing images displayed in the workplace that inappropriately target your gender
  • Quid pro quo, or requesting sexual favors in exchange for employment benefits

These actions and more can interfere with your ability to work as well as cause emotional distress.

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At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, we strive to be a competitive option for our clients when they need a legal service provider. Clients may come to us because they’ve heard about results we’ve earned for past clients, but also because we’re dedicated to getting them started off on the right track.

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When you work with a gender discrimination attorney in Indianapolis from Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, you get someone who’s invested in the outcome of your case. What the result of your case could mean for you is important to us as your legal advocates. We’re experienced and passionate attorneys, and we want to help people who’ve been wronged hold responsible parties accountable.

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