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Were You Treated Differently Because of Your Race?

Under federal law, it is unlawful to treat an employee or applicant differently or unfavorably because of their race or because of personal features or traits that can be associated with race. It is also unlawful to treat someone differently in the workplace because they are married to – or associated with – a person of a certain race.

If you’ve experienced any kind of differential treatment at work based on race, reach out to an attorney from Cleveland Lehner Cassidy for help.

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Cleveland Lehner Cassidy can also help employees who’ve experienced harassment, including sexual harassment, when such mistreatment is based on their race. If you’re a victim of any kind of mistreatment at work because of your race, reach out to a race discrimination attorney in Indianapolis from Cleveland Lehner Cassidy to help you seek full and fair compensation.

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How Do I Recognize Racial Harassment at Work?

Harassment in the workplace can be both subtle and overt. No matter how much someone at work tries to conceal their motivation, if you are being discriminated against because of your race, there are a few ways to recognize it.

A few examples of racial harassment include:

  • Using racial slurs
  • Making derogatory comments about a race
  • Telling racist jokes
  • Displaying racially offensive symbols

Regardless of the degree, any kind of unlawful harassment can create a hostile work environment if it’s pervasive or frequent enough. An employee can be singled out and targeted for harassment as an individual. However, if discrimination in the workplace is generally directed at any member of a race, an employee may be able to claim harassment.

Meeting with a race discrimination attorney in Indianapolis can help you understand whether or not you were a victim of racial harassment at work. At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, we’ve worked with many clients facing legal challenges like yours, and we’ve been able to hold responsible parties accountable. Reaching out to us today can mean taking a step toward civil justice and fair compensation.

Race Discrimination & Employment Policies

Sometimes discrimination is baked into a company’s employment policies and practices, even if these apply to every employee. When such blanket policies disproportionately impact people of a particular race, or are more openly intended to target them, the employer can be held liable for race discrimination.

An often-cited example of this is a no-beards policy, which can disproportionately affect African American men who may be more likely to develop razor bumps from shaving. Constantly keeping a clean shave can cause employees with razor bumps to develop scar tissue and infections. While employers can determine the dress and grooming standards of employees, some limitations do apply.

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If you’ve experienced discrimination or harassment at work because of your race, reach out to Cleveland Lehner Cassidy for help. Our race discrimination attorneys in Indianapolis work hard to help employees hold their employers and coworkers accountable for unlawful mistreatment at work.

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