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Let Our Indiana Employment Lawyers Answer Your Questions About Workplace Retaliation

Retaliatory action by your manager or coworkers may violate your employment rights and be strong grounds for an employment law claim in Indiana. At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, our Indianapolis employment lawyers have decades of experience in these matters. We have provided answers to some of the common questions we hear about employment retaliation. For a free case evaluation, please call us at 317-953-2600 or send us an email inquiry. Our Indiana employment law attorneys represent clients statewide.

What is employment retaliation?

Retaliation at work can take many forms. Sometimes the retaliation is swift and direct, and sometimes the retaliation is subtle and occurs over time. Following are some of the ways that managers, coworkers and HR departments retaliate against employees:

  • Wrongful termination, also known as retaliatory discharge
  • Unfair negative performance reviews
  • Harassment, leading to a hostile or toxic work environment
  • Setting unfair work standards
  • Unfair disciplinary action such as reprimands
  • Overlooking you for promotions or raises
  • Reduction in pay or demotion to a lower position
  • Assigning you to pointless or menial tasks
  • Assigning you to a different department or job location when you didn’t volunteer to be reassigned

Many employers and managers are very skilled at trying to hide retaliation against employees. If you believe you have been retaliated against, we encourage you to contact our Indiana employment lawyers right away.

Should I quit my job if my employer is retaliating against me?

We always tell our clients and potential clients, “Call us before you quit!” That’s because quitting could affect your employment law claim. Still, just because you may have already quit does not mean that your rights weren’t violated. You may still have options for getting compensation for what you have endured. For example, you may have a claim on the basis of “constructive discharge,” which means your employer created a work environment that essentially forced you to quit. In any case, contact the employment lawyers at Cleveland Lehner Cassidy if you have questions about quitting your job due to employer retaliation.

Should I accept a severance agreement?

Sometimes employers use severance agreements to prevent employees from suing the employer for retaliation and other employment law violations. Before accepting a severance package, contact us so we can review the agreement. Our employment law attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating severance agreements for involuntary separation.

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