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Are You Working In A Hostile Work Environment In Indiana? Our Anti-Harassment Lawyers Can Help.

Although Indiana law does not specifically prohibit bullying in the workplace, some forms of harassment are prohibited by federal and state laws. Workplace harassment is actionable when unwelcome conduct against an employee is based on traits that identify them as a member of any one or more protected classes.

If you have endured abuse from a coworker or employer that’s rooted in prejudice, you may be able to hold them liable and recover compensation. Cleveland Lehner Cassidy works with clients who have suffered pervasive and frequent harassment in a hostile work environment. We strive to help employees find a sense of justice by holding their employers accountable for violating their employment rights. We can even work toward a favorable settlement or jury award that includes monetary compensation. If you’re being targeted at work, our Indianapolis employment attorneys can help.

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Who Is Protected From Workplace Harassment?

Bullying at work is not against the law, per se. This means that if coworkers are treating you differently for reasons unrelated to a protected class, you may not be able to hold them legally accountable for creating a hostile work environment. But under federal law, it is illegal to harass or discriminate against someone because of their:

How Do I Know I’m Being Harassed?

If you’re experiencing abuse in the workplace, you might not be able to claim illegal harassment solely because someone said or did something that hurt you. Workplace harassment can come in many forms, but it must either be severe or pervasive and must have been based on a protected characteristic. Examples of workplace harassment can include:

  • Use of slurs or derogatory nicknames
  • Jokes about a protected class
  • Physical abuse (of any kind, although severe abuse can rise to criminal levels)
  • Threats of violence and physical intimidation
  • Display of racist or sexist messages and images
  • Catcalling (suggestive names, sexual gestures or sexually offensive comments)

What Do I Do If I’m Being Harassed At Work?

If you’re enduring harassment at work and management has failed you, reach out to a workplace harassment attorney in Indianapolis for help. At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, we help clients who have experienced harassment at work.

For more information about how we can help, contact us for a free case evaluation. Call 317-953-2600 or send us an email. Our Indianapolis lawyers handle employment harassment cases throughout the state of Indiana.