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Legal Support For Federal Employees In Indiana

Federal employees enjoy many of the same legal protections afforded to their private-sector counterparts and, in many ways, are among the most protected Americans in the workforce. On the other hand, union activity and free speech can be curtailed to a greater extent for federal workers, and the process for lodging complaints or fighting adverse employment actions is very complex.

If you’re a government worker and feel you’ve been mistreated at work, consider reaching out to an attorney who handles federal employment law. At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, we’ve helped public sector employees – including many federal employees based in Indiana – fight for their rights and overcome legal challenges. The results we’ve delivered for our clients have included favorable settlements and jury awards.

For a free evaluation of your federal employment issue, call our Indianapolis law office at 317-953-2600 or contact us by email. We handle employment law cases statewide.

Experienced Advocacy In Federal Employment Law

At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, taking a hold of our client’s employment law challenges and molding them into proactive strategies that can lead to favorable outcomes is simply what we do. Certain workplace practices and behaviors are forbidden by law. If you’re a federal worker, we can help if you have experienced:

It’s unfortunate, but bad actors or those ignorant of labor laws can be your coworkers or supervisors. If you’ve become a victim of unlawful behavior at work, contact our federal employment law attorneys as soon as possible. At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, we fight with compassion and respect for people experiencing challenges like yours. No one deserves to be unlawfully mistreated at work, but when it happens, we’ll be there to help you assert your legal rights, pursue your legal remedies and pave a path toward a brighter future.

Each federal agency has its own EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) office. Meghan Lehner formerly clerked at the EEOC in law school and is well-versed in federal employment law and EEOC procedures. She can guide you through the steps of reporting your issue through the right channels to resolve the dispute to your satisfaction or obtain the right to bring a lawsuit.

Due Process Means You Are Not Employed At-Will

Indiana is an at-will employment state, meaning private sector employees can be terminated for any reason – or no reason at all – as long as the basis for termination is not illegal (discrimination, whistleblowing, retaliation, etc.).

But as a federal government employee, you are not subject to at-will employment no matter what state you work in. You are entitled to specific and significant due process before your manager can fire you, demote you, suspend you or otherwise take adverse action that affects your pay, your grade, your career advancement, security clearance or continued employment by the U.S. government. You must be given advance notice and an opportunity to respond and appeal any decisions. If you have been notified of termination or believe your agency will imminently take disciplinary action, contact us immediately. Our team is highly knowledgeable about federal employment law protocols and deadlines. We will uphold your due process rights and help you fight for your job and future opportunities in your public service career.

If you have been subjected to mistreatment or were denied your right to due process, reach out to the Indiana federal employment lawyers at Cleveland Lehner Cassidy. Call 317-953-2600 or send us an email for a free case evaluation.