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If You Suspect You Were Wrongfully Fired …

You may feel your termination was grossly unfair, but that does not necessarily mean it violated your legal rights. To sue for wrongful termination, we must show that you were fired for an illegal reason.

The attorneys of Cleveland Lehner Cassidy know how to see past the employer’s stated reason for termination to uncover the real reason behind your firing. We hold employers accountable by exposing their unlawful activity or prejudice. Our legal team has successfully sued private and public employers across Indiana for retaliatory discharge and other types of wrongful termination.

Find out if you have a case. Our Indianapolis law firm handles cases statewide. We offer a free case evaluation. Call 317-953-2600 or contact us by email today.

Good Workers Should Not Be Fired For Unlawful Reasons

Sometime terminations are rooted in discrimination against an employee based on their age, sex, race, national origin or disability. Because those are protected classes, the employer must fabricate a different justification for termination, such as performance issues or misconduct. In many cases we handle, the firing is a coverup for illegal activity or retaliation against an employee who blows the whistle or refuses to engage in criminal conduct. Our lawyers know the red flags and how to challenge a retaliatory firing.

Read more about protected classes and protected activities on our Wrongful Termination page. Our wrongful termination FAQ is also a great resource.

How Do You Know If You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated?

Indiana employers often hide behind the “at will” employment standard that allows them to terminate any employee for cause or for no reason at all. But there are certain telltale clues of a wrongful termination:

  • Were you fired for something that others have done without being terminated?
  • Did your employer give a bogus reason for your termination?
  • Has your employer recently subjected you to disciplinary action or negative performance reviews, despite good marks and promotions in the past?
  • Are you or have you been a whistleblower?
  • Did your employer fail to follow its own progressive discipline policy and simply cut you loose after one offense?
  • Did your employer fire you after you complained about unfair treatment toward you or someone else?
  • Did your dismissal violate an existing employment contract?

Call Before You Quit!
If you are thinking of quitting your job because you expect to be fired or because the employer has created an intolerable work environment to make you quit, please reach out to us first. Leaving voluntarily can weaken your legal rights. Staying on the job also positions you for negotiating a more favorable severance package.

Our Experience Can Make All The Difference

We know the questions to ask to reveal the unscrupulous or illegal basis for your firing. We invite you to tell your story in a free, confidential case evaluation to gauge whether you have grounds to sue. Employment law is our focus, and representing employees like you is all we do.

Find out where you stand and how we can help. Call 317-953-2600 or use our online form to get a free case evaluation.