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Fighting Unlawful Discrimination At Work

There are many ways you might experience illegal discrimination in the workplace. Sometimes the prejudice is overt and harsh. Sometimes the biases and unlawful behaviors are subtle but follow a pattern. That’s why it’s so important to hire a qualified, experienced employment lawyer for your discrimination case. The Indianapolis attorneys at Cleveland Lehner Cassidy will honestly assess your case and options for resolution.

Let us help you understand which discrimination laws may address your situation. Call our Indianapolis law office to arrange a free case evaluation: 317-953-2600.

What Types Of Discrimination Are Illegal?

Indiana state laws have no specific workplace bullying protections. However, harassing someone because they are a member of a protected class is prohibited by federal law. If you’ve endured abuse from a coworker or employer that’s rooted in bigotry, you may be able to hold them liable. Cleveland Lehner Cassidy works with clients who’ve endured many types of discrimination, including workplace harassment, hostile work environments and wrongful termination. We strive to help employees find a sense of justice by holding their employers accountable for violating their rights. If you’re being targeted at work, contact a discrimination attorney in Indianapolis who can help. Federal laws protect employees from discrimination based on:

Discrimination takes different forms. Direct discrimination involves an employer or coworker directly mistreating a worker due to their membership in a protected category. This can involve everything from making derogatory comments to passing over certain employees for promotions due to discriminatory factors. Indirect discrimination occurs when the actions of an employer cause a disproportionate impact on a protected group, sometimes unintentionally. This typically involves an employer creating a policy that appears benign on the surface but may drastically affect members of a protected group due to their status.

Some believe they have a claim for discrimination because of unequal treatment resulting from nepotism, personality conflicts, or just plain unfairness. General bullying at work may not be protected by law. If coworkers are treating you differently for nondiscriminatory reasons, you may not be able to hold them legally accountable. Merely having a bad boss does not necessarily give you any legal rights under the law.

How To Sue For Workplace Discrimination

Do you believe you have a workplace discrimination claim? You must first file an administrative charge with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a related state agency. The EEOC will investigate your claim and attempt to remedy the situation as they see fit. They will then issue you a right-to-sue letter. It is best to work with an attorney to help you meet any deadlines and documentation required by the EEOC or another agency. If the EEOC has rejected your claim, or their resolution was not satisfactory, we can help you file a lawsuit.

Talk To An Experienced Indiana Employment Lawyer

Workplace discrimination can impact people of various protected classes in many ways. At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, our Indianapolis-based discrimination lawyers believe no one should endure workplace mistreatment rooted in prejudiced beliefs or ignorance. We’ll work with you to hold employers accountable for discriminating against you or fostering a hostile work environment permitting discrimination. We’ll listen to your story and analyze the facts. We will then help you craft a narrative that accurately describes how what happened violated your rights so that we can help you seek fair and just compensation.

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