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Let Our Severance Attorneys Help You Leave Employment On Your Terms

Professionals, executives and key employees are often asked to sign noncompete agreements as a condition of taking a job or when negotiating a separation from the employer. These covenants may be part of an overall severance package, whether you are parting on amicable terms or exiting under duress.

The employment law attorneys of Cleveland Lehner Cassidy have experience in all facets of noncompetes and severance, including settlement negotiations in employment lawsuits. We represent employees and independent contractors in the Indianapolis area and statewide who need sophisticated legal counsel in high-stakes situations.

Noncompete And Nondisclosure Agreements

A noncompete agreement is an employee contract that prevents an employee from competing directly with their ex-employer. The restrictions may be a geographic radius or apply to specific industries or key competitors, or sometimes all three. There may also be a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) relating to trade secrets or the reasons for separation. We make sure that a noncompete will not unduly hamper your efforts to move on and earn a living. Our lawyers can review a noncompete agreement attached to a job offer or negotiate noncompete clauses incorporated into a severance agreement.

Severance Negotiations For Involuntary Separation

Severance packages are common when negotiating compensation for a high-end job. Always have an exit strategy. While we handle those front-end severance agreements, a large part of our practice is representing individuals who have been wrongfully terminated or who are on the verge of being edged out.

Our clients include whistleblowers and other employees who have suffered retaliation for filing harassment claims, taking FMLA leave, reporting discrimination or exposing illegal activity. We negotiate severance terms on behalf of clients who are still employed or who have been recently fired.

The goal is to position clients for the most favorable terms of severance, such as:

  • Fair severance pay
  • Continuation of health insurance and benefits
  • Payout of any bonuses, commissions and vacation accrued
  • Waiving of noncompetes and NDAs (or minimal restrictions)

Employers may be offering severance to bait you into waiving your rights to a valid legal claim. They may be trying to buy you off with a low amount knowing you could negotiate for substantially more money with legal representation. For all these reasons it is advisable to talk to an Indiana employment attorney before signing anything.

Call Before You Quit!

We urge clients who are considering quitting because of a hostile work environment or imminent firing to contact us first. You will have better bargaining leverage for severance negotiations if you are still on the job than if you have quit. Remaining at work also provides opportunity to document the employer’s illegal and abusive actions if you decide to bring a lawsuit for retaliatory discharge.

Get Powerful Representation

Representing employees like you is all we do, and we have extensive experience with severance, noncompete agreements and related issues of separation from employment. We can help you exit on your terms and hold the employer accountable for the way you were mistreated.

To discuss your legal situation in a free case evaluation, call Cleveland Lehner Cassidy at 317-953-2600 or contact us online.