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Does Your Noncompete Or Employment Contract Violate Your Rights?

Getting a job offer and continuing to advance your career can be an exciting prospect. However, as with any contract, employment contracts can bury provisions that favor your employer at your expense. You may be happy with your salary and benefits, but what about your classification, noncompete clauses or grounds for termination? Even worse, what if an employer is failing to hold up their end of the contract?

The employment contract attorneys at Cleveland Lehner Cassidy advocate for Indiana workers who are pressured into unfavorable and possibly illegal employment agreements. Our Indiana employment lawyers help employees understand their obligations and the limits of employers. We can review the terms of an employment contract and advise how it may be detrimental or a clear violation of their rights. Our attorneys also hold employers accountable for failing to adhere to their end of the bargain.

Get the most out of your employment agreement. For a free case evaluation, call our employment law firm at 317-953-2600 or contact us by email. Based in Indianapolis, we take cases statewide.

Employer Breach Of Contract

As part of the employment relationship, both employers and employees are responsible for holding up their part of an agreement. If your employer has breached the terms of a contract, they can be held liable. An example of this would be given a lower starting salary than stated in your employment agreement. Another situation would involve your termination for no good cause after only a few months of a two-year contract. The provisions of your employment agreement outline not just your obligations to a company, but the company’s obligations to you. If your employer is not holding up their end of the contract, don’t let them take advantage of you. Reaching out to an employment attorney can help you hold them accountable and recover fair and just compensation for breaching terms.

Common breaches of employment contracts include:

  • Failure to pay sick or holiday pay
  • Failure to pay for overtime or off-the-clock time
  • Failure to pay work-related expenses
  • Failure to pay earned commissions or bonuses
  • Changing portions of an employment agreement without your consent
  • Changing a job description, duties or work hours after hiring

Is Your Employment Agreement Legal?

An employment contract with illegal terms is null and unenforceable, even if you agreed to the terms. For example, you may sign an agreement to work unpaid overtime. However, that clause and perhaps the entire contract can be rendered void because requiring unpaid work is prohibited by federal law.

There are many examples of illegal terms that may be built into an employment contract, especially from an inexperienced employer. These clauses can attempt to unlawfully limit your lawfully protected sick or pregnancy leave, prohibit whistleblowing, or even permit unlawful termination. Another common example is overly restrictive noncompete agreements that make it difficult for an ex-employee to land a new job.

Any terms implying illegal provisions should be challenged before you sign or if an employer is trying to enforce them. Should you find yourself confronted with questionably legal terms in an agreement, get legal advice. Our employment lawyers at Cleveland Lehner Cassidy can review employment agreements for unlawful or unfavorable terms.

For a free case evaluation, call us at 317-953-2600 or email us today.