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Discriminated against? About to be fired? 3 things to do

You’ve been experiencing some pretty blatant discrimination in your workplace, and you tried to fight back. Now, you’re pretty sure you’re about to be fired.

Most employees know when their days with a company are numbered, especially when there’s discrimination involved. You probably can’t stop what’s about to come, but you can take some steps to secure your future. Here’s what to do now:

Don’t quit. Let the company fire you

Is your employer making it very difficult for you to come to work every day? That’s likely intentional. If they can get you to quit, you will have a much harder time obtaining unemployment benefits or making a successful claim for wrongful discharge. While there is such a thing as a “constructive discharge,” which means that your employer made your working conditions so unbearable that you really had no other option but to leave, that’s not as straightforward a claim and can be more difficult to prove.

Take everything home that’s important to you

If you know what’s ahead, be smart: You may lose access to your work computer and desk the moment you’re fired and may only be allowed to collect your bag, briefcase or purse before you’re escorted off the premises. If possible, retain copies of every communication that may be relevant to your situation, such as copies of your personnel file, copies of performance reviews (good and bad), emails, handwritten notes from your boss and any employment documents you may have signed. Having those safely tucked away could make it much easier to find the evidence you need to prove your case.

Get information from supportive co-workers

You may have talked with some of your co-workers about your situation, and some of them may have even seen the discrimination against you in action. Quietly check in with the ones who have been most supportive and make sure you have their contact information. They may end up proving valuable as witnesses.

It’s tough to prepare for something like this, especially when you know the company is in the wrong. Remember to keep your cool. Seeking legal guidance can help you fight for fair compensation.